Which Aspect of Employability Security is Barry Working on?

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  • Jun 01, 2023


Barry keeps his LinkedIn profile up to date and regularly contacts his network. He has built a good reputation over the years. Which aspect of employability security is Barry working on?

a. Cultural capital

b.Human capital

c. Social capital

d. Career capital

Barry Working on


The aspect of employability security that Barry is working on is c. Social capital.

Social Capital

Social capital refers to the network of relationships, contacts, and connections that an individual possesses. By keeping his LinkedIn profile up to date and regularly contacting his network, Barry is actively investing in his social capital. He recognizes the importance of maintaining strong connections and building relationships within his professional network. This strategic effort allows Barry to tap into valuable resources, such as job leads, recommendations, and mentorship opportunities. By cultivating his social capital, Barry increases his employability security by expanding his access to information and support within his professional community.

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital refers to the non-financial assets, knowledge, and skills that individuals acquire through their socialization and experiences within a specific culture or social group. It encompasses the cultural competencies, behaviors, attitudes, and preferences that are valued and recognized in a particular society. Cultural capital can include education, language proficiency, social etiquette, art appreciation, and familiarity with cultural norms and practices. These intangible assets contribute to an individual’s social mobility and success in various social contexts, including education, employment, and social interactions. Cultural capital plays a crucial role in shaping an individual’s social identity, shaping their opportunities and access to resources, and influencing their overall social status and recognition within society.

Human Capital

Human capital refers to the knowledge, skills, competencies, and attributes that individuals possess and can contribute to their economic productivity and potential for success in the labor market. It encompasses both formal education and training as well as practical experience and expertise gained through work and life experiences. Human capital is an essential aspect of employability as it represents an individual’s capacity to perform tasks, solve problems, adapt to new situations, and contribute value to organizations. Investing in human capital through continuous learning and skill development is crucial for individuals to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing job market. Employers highly value human capital as it directly impacts productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance. Therefore, individuals who actively develop and enhance their human capital significantly increase their employability and career prospects.

Career Capital

Career capital refers to the collection of valuable assets, experiences, and skills that individuals accumulate over the course of their professional journey. It encompasses factors such as education, training, certifications, work accomplishments, reputation, and professional networks. Career capital is an essential element in building a successful and fulfilling career. By investing in career capital, individuals enhance their market value, expand their opportunities for advancement, and increase their overall employability. This can be achieved through continuous learning, skill development, taking on challenging projects, building a strong professional network, and consistently delivering high-quality work. Career capital empowers individuals to navigate career transitions, seize new opportunities, and position themselves for long-term success in their chosen field.


In conclusion, based on the actions described and the above definitions, Barry’s focus on keeping his LinkedIn profile up to date, regularly contacting his network, and building a good reputation aligns with the aspect of employability security known as social capital.


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