What Preparations are Needed Before Moving to Canada with Your Girlfriend as a Waiter in 2024?

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  • Apr 23, 2023

moving to canada with your girlfriend

Moving to Canada with your girlfriend as a waiter in 2024 is a significant decision that requires careful planning and preparation. Canada is a beautiful country with a diverse culture, a strong economy, and excellent healthcare and education systems. However, before making the move, you need to consider several factors, such as immigration requirements, job prospects, housing options, and lifestyle changes. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to move to Canada with your girlfriend as a waiter in 2024.

Immigration Requirements

The first step to moving to Canada is to determine the immigration requirements. Canada has several immigration programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee Program. Each program has its own eligibility criteria, application process, and processing time. As a waiter, you may be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class, depending on your education, work experience, and language skills. You can check your eligibility on the Government of Canada’s immigration website and apply online. The application fee for the Federal Skilled Worker Program is CAD $825, while the Canadian Experience Class fee is CAD $1,325.

Job Prospects

Once you have determined the immigration requirements, you need to research the job prospects for waiters in Canada. The restaurant industry in Canada is growing, and there is a high demand for skilled waiters. According to the Canadian government, the average hourly wage for waiters in Canada is CAD $12.83, and the job outlook is good. You can search for job openings on online job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster. You can also contact restaurant owners and managers directly and inquire about job opportunities. It is important to have a well-written resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and experience as a waiter.

Housing Options

Before moving to Canada, you need to consider your housing options. Canada has a variety of housing options, including apartments, condos, townhouses, and houses. The cost of housing varies depending on the location, size, and amenities. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Canada is CAD $1,270 per month. You can search for rental properties on websites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Rentfaster. It is important to research the neighbourhoods and amenities before choosing a rental property. You can also consider sharing a rental property with your girlfriend to reduce the cost of living.

Lifestyle Changes

Moving to Canada will require some lifestyle changes, such as adapting to the climate, culture, and language. Canada has four distinct seasons, and the weather can vary depending on the location. It is important to dress appropriately for the weather and invest in warm clothing, such as jackets, boots, and gloves. Canada is a multicultural country, and there are many different cultures and traditions. You can learn about the Canadian culture by reading books, watching movies, and attending cultural events. You can also learn French, which is one of the official languages in Canada, to improve your job prospects and communicate with French-speaking customers.

Healthcare and Education

Canada has a publicly-funded healthcare system that provides access to medical services and treatments for all residents. As a newcomer, you will need to apply for a health card, which is a government-issued card that entitles you to free healthcare services. You can apply for a health card once you arrive in Canada and provide proof of residency and identity. Canada also has a high-quality education system, with many universities and colleges offering world-class programs. If you are interested in furthering your education, you can research the different programs and apply for student visas.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada varies depending on the location and lifestyle. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Canada is generally higher than in other countries, especially in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. However, the high cost of living is offset by the high quality of life, healthcare, and education. To reduce the cost of living, you can look for affordable housing options, cook meals at home instead of eating out, and use public transportation instead of owning a car.

Social Life

Moving to Canada with your girlfriend as a waiter in 2024 will also require building a social life. Canada has a friendly and welcoming culture, and there are many ways to meet new people and make friends. You can join social clubs, attend events and festivals, volunteer, and participate in sports and recreation activities. You can also connect with other ex-pats and newcomers through online forums and social media groups.


Moving to Canada with your girlfriend as a waiter in 2024 is an exciting opportunity that requires careful planning and preparation. You need to consider the immigration requirements, job prospects, housing options, lifestyle changes, healthcare and education, cost of living, and social life. By researching and preparing ahead of time, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to your new life in Canada. Remember to stay positive, flexible, and open-minded, and enjoy all the amazing experiences that Canada has to offer!